What's wrong with America?  Is it, as some conservatives insist, because God is missing in our lives?  Is it, as some liberals insist, because of the increasing Christian conservative intrusions into our lives? Or is it, as many insist, because people are stupid?


We are trapped in a delusion.  Our belief structures have been intentionally distorted, which is why very little makes sense.  Our minds believe that something is true when it's not, and we were specifically TAUGHT lies in public schooling.   Most of what we believe about our government, our history, our educational system, our money system, and ourselves is provable fiction.  Here is a thoroughly documented and ABSOLUTELY FREE  e-book in 3 parts that will demonstrate the nature of the delusion and what you need to know to safely escape


We all know that something is very amiss in America.  By the time you finish the first chapter, you will have a much better understanding of what is wrong and why government doesn't work as it should


The book comes in three parts.  Each part's description appears below each image. Click on the image to go to the PDF.
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You Be the Judge
See for yourselves what
the Supreme Court is doing
Three Faces of Death
How we lost our Constitution in a bloodless Coup d'etat & don't know it
The Awakening
An owners manual for humans

You Be the Judge gives you an opportunity to undo a lot of the programming you have been subjected to.  

Most of us feel so defeated that we don't know that we can do a better job than the Supreme Court in determining the Constitutionality of issues.  By the time you have finished the first chapter, you will realize this.  By the time you finish this first book, you will be assured that you and your neighbors are perfectly capable of running a government of, by, and for the people. You will even start learning how to do that.  

We are more intelligent and capable than we dare think.
This book is also broken into three parts.  

Part One is a look at the truthful American history that you were not taught in school.  It will allow you to contrast what you have learned about our history with provable truth.  One of the things you didn't learn is that we lost
our Constitutional Republic in a well-documented  bloodless coup d'etat led by none other than  Chief Justice John Marshall.

This book also looks at the documentary evidence around how a public schooling system was devised to keep you ignorant, to destroy your self esteem, prohibit your discovering a sense of self, and destroy your innate curiosity and creativity, while teaching us to call our serfdom our freedom.  There is a reason why you were lied to, and it's not pretty.

This book closes by giving you a look at what money is and how it works.   Our monetary system is doing incredible damage to us as individuals around the globe, and to the earth that has already entered the sixth mass extinction event in its history.  We will see how our monetary policy is directly responsible for that and much worse.
This part is about healing ourselves so that we can heal the world.

Much damage has been done to us.  Because of the nature and purpose of public schooling, we have actual but curable brain damage.  Our belief systems have been laid out for us, but they are provably deranged.  This book will show you in very testable ways that you are not WHAT you thought you were.  You are far more magnificent.

Through a series of experiments and thought experiments, you will re-create a new worldview that is rational, testable, and has the ability to save the world.  

We do have the ability to PEACEFULLY reclaim our government and help the world recover from all that has been done to it and us.
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